Saturday, September 1, 2012




About Me!

Hello! My name is Alyssa; welcome to my blog! It means a lot to me that you stopped by.

Here are some facts about me! :D

I love baking.

I love singing.

I love piano!

I love acting in musicals.

I love cupcakes, cookies, truffles, cakes, ice cream, smoothies, tea, hot chocolate, all things sweet!

I love pretty sparkly jewelry.

I am a total girly girl!

I love pink, roses, pearls, necklaces, rings, tea parties, hats etc.

I love vintage anything!!

I love blogging.

I am a very huggy type of person.

I am a Sanguine Compulsive, which means I am an extrovert of extroverts. I will seriously talk your ear off, if you will let me.

I can be super quiet when I haven't seen you in a while, but after a few minutes, I will be back to my bouncy self.

I love listening to classical music, but recently I have been listening to clean Rock.

I really want a 1950 Buick Roadmaster when I can drive! Think of all the memories stored up in there! It makes me so happy to think of a sweet girl's first date driving in one of those!

I love my family. Seriously!

I probably have the best friends a girl could have!

I love being 14.

I love my future husband, whoever he is.


I love baking. Did I say that before? :D

I love bakeries.

I love you!