Sunday, January 13, 2013

Waiting for Lemon Tart PICS!!!

So I told you all a few days ago on Facebook that I was hungry for a lemon tart.... SO I WENT AND MADE ONE! :D Actually, I made tartlets with my tartlet baking pan I recieved for Christmas (HAPPY DAY!) with a really good recipe I will share with you (and this time I will hurry up on it; I just want to make sure everything is perfect before telling you so you dont make any critical mistakes like blowing your kitchen up!). I filled them with a store-bought lemon curd.

Okay, okay, I know I should have made that, but I didn't have any lemons!

They turned out fantastic! They were like little sweet shortbread cups with tart, lemony sweetness inside. Oh boy, I must have ate fifteen of them when they were in my house. My family ate the rest.

I am working on uploading the photos from my mother's new camera (she is sweet enough to let me use it). I will hurry up with that. I promise.

Have a happy, tartalicious Sunday, and beyond. :D

~Alyssa <3