Monday, October 1, 2012


Bonjour, Babycakes!

How are all of you doing this fine week? Having cupcakes, I hope?

I am sooo happy that I am now in the Blogosphere. I love knowing that now I have my own little corner of the Internet where I can share my hopes, dreams, failures, and cupcakes. I really don't know what to do with myself. :D

I love blogging already. I absolutely adore designing my blog, I love the struggle with words I have posting, I love being able to share my baking adventures, and let all of my friends, family, and followers know what's going on in the kitchen.

What I am going to do on this blog is share the recipes I am working on, show you my bakery inspiration, entertain you with family life, and post just random photos(which will probably be my favorite, personally). :D I hope you will be entertained and enlightened!

Love to you,


  1. Let me know if you need some produced testing done. ;)
    Jonathan Jackson

    1. Hello, Jonathan! Yes, I might just need you one of these days! :D


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