Friday, October 26, 2012

I Am Going To A Bazaar!

Hey guys! Sorry I deserted you for so long! Turns out, everything I baked this past week or two has been either eaten up before the camera was whipped out, or it wasn't pretty enough, so I allowed the goods to be eaten up. Yep! My fault completely, as usual!

Sooooo..... I have very happy news! The chance of a lifetime has come to me!!!! I am going to a bazaar! I AM SOOO HAPPY, I would be literally bouncing up and down in a hysterical way, if a cyst removal on my neck hadn't slowed me I can only bounce up and about with my tongue, or in my dreams. :D

I am going to a BAZAAR! I am going to be selling my signature Muffcakes, a cross between a cupcake and muffin... I am going to be making four dozen of each flavor. The flavors will be Pumpkin Chocolate, Applesauce Raisin, and Banana Walnut. These flavors are my favorite muffin flavors, only made better with a layer of cream cheese frosting! On the Pumpkin Chocolate, though, I will only be drizzling chocolate. I don't think cream cheese would be the tastiest! :D I will be taking orders, too, so I am really excited. This is my first step into the world of Bakery businesses. You have no idea how much this means to me!

And, as an added bonus, it is a Relay for Life Bazaar, so I get to give a part of my proceeds to cancer research. Even better!

I might need some business card ideas, brochure ideas, and sign ideas. If you would be willing to e-mail me at with those, I would be very appreciative!

So I will be setting up on the 6th of November! I will have lots of pictures, I hope, so be ready and I will keep you posted! Maybe I will post the recipe for the muffcakes, as well!

Thank you, my loyal Babycakes!


Friday, October 5, 2012

I Have Cupcake Questions For You!

Bonjour, all my wonderful followers!

I love you all so much! Already I have a big base for being on the Web for a few days! You have no idea how much you all mean to me. You all are so wonderful; it almost makes me cry! :D

Right now, I am at my grandparent's house. Unfortunately, I don't have any of my baking supplies, otherwise I would whip something up. Right now, all I am whipping up is my appetite for a good chocolate cupcake. :D  When you bake cupcakes, what is your favorite part of making them? Is it the mixing of the ingredients, or the agonizing wait for the timer to go off on the oven, or the decorating afterwards, or just sinking your teeth into a moist, crumbly delicious item of happiness? I think it all is exciting, but what is your take on the whole thing? I would like to know! I want to get to know you, even through the little questions!

What I do love at my grandparent's house(besides seeing them, of course) is playing ping pong on the garage door. Since they don't have a ping pong table, we just hit the ball on the door and it bounces back. My brother and I will have tournaments to see who can rally the most. In between each match, my other siblings will come rushing in; one with an American flag, one with roller skates on, and one on his belly on a skateboard. They will go round and round the garage as the commercial break. Then it is back to the game. This is the only way commercials are fun!

Well, I hope you will eat a cupcake for me and have a great weekend! :D

My love to you,

Monday, October 1, 2012


Bonjour, Babycakes!

How are all of you doing this fine week? Having cupcakes, I hope?

I am sooo happy that I am now in the Blogosphere. I love knowing that now I have my own little corner of the Internet where I can share my hopes, dreams, failures, and cupcakes. I really don't know what to do with myself. :D

I love blogging already. I absolutely adore designing my blog, I love the struggle with words I have posting, I love being able to share my baking adventures, and let all of my friends, family, and followers know what's going on in the kitchen.

What I am going to do on this blog is share the recipes I am working on, show you my bakery inspiration, entertain you with family life, and post just random photos(which will probably be my favorite, personally). :D I hope you will be entertained and enlightened!

Love to you,