Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Quick Little Post

Hello again!

The Bazaar planning is going pretty great right now.... for the bazaar being on TUESDAY! :D Wow. It seemed that I had so much time and then it just stole up on me. I'm a procrastinator by nature, so this happens all the time. I am working on it, though!

From what we are working on right now, the table will be absolutely ADORABLE! I am kinda afraid it is for Christmas stuff only, because we are doing a light pink, light blue, and white table and Autumn cupcake holders. :D I HOPE it won't be that bad. :D

Soooooooo, I will be getting to you about the bazaar soon. I hope I sell some stuff, because I am making 144 muffcakes, and Oreo truffles and chocolate chip cookie dough brownies for sampling, and the cost really adds up! I will be taking orders, which will be a way I could get some customers. Already, I have had at least one person waiting for a flyer so they can order. I am really excited, if you can't tell!

All I am really worried about is customer service. I mean, I love meeting new people and talking to them, but it is totally different when you are behind the counter! All the questions....... Well, I won't worry about it. :D

Thank you for all your support! Love you!


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