Monday, December 3, 2012


I am soooooo sorry about the whole leaving you and all. I am waiting for my pictures to be developed, so I am very sorry about everything!

So, I will give you a quick peek into my day at the bazaar! I sold $47.50's worth of goodies. I was very excited, because it was soooo slow at first! I only made about $15 dollars the first half of the night. It was sooo slow, I decided to go around to the other vendors and let them have a sample for fun. They had some, and one or two came to buy; I was very grateful to them! After setting out samples, I had a few people come and buy. By the end of the night, I had repaid half of my debt to my parents! Ha! Well..... the ingredients cost money!

So when I recieve my pics, they will be quickly given to you! :D Happy cupcake eating!

Alyssa <3


  1. Sooo Glad To Know You Are Still Blogging I Will Keep Checking For More Posts


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