Friday, December 7, 2012


I love baking, have we talked about that before? :D

I just recieved a cake pop maker, and then, I was given a pie pop maker, and then, I got a 2013 Cupcake calendar! Ah. Happy present day. It must be known I love baking.... hmmm..... how did they know?

For some reason, I feel really bouncy and happy. I know the happiness comes from God, because I have been reading my Bible and reading regularly and feeling tons of joy, but my bounciness is inexplainable. I suppose my lack of baking is the trick. I need dishes to calm me down! Ha. Not.

I need pictures in this post, so I suppose I will grab one.

I am also feeling random, did I mention that?

Well, have a great day! :D

~Alyssa <3

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